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We encourage all of you who might be interested in our “Ideal Cel-Sorption™ Resveratrol” dietary supplement to educate yourselves about resveratrol in general, using a range of available sources.  We do not make any claims about what resveratrol does, whether in our product or any other.  We would, though, like to make available to you the feedback we have received from actual users of our “Ideal Resveratrol” product, along with some of our opinions of our “Ideal Resveratrol” versus other brands and types.

What have we anecdotally learned?  Based on actual experiences by most adults communicating with us about ideal standardized strengths and daily amounts in serving sizes, a person’s weight seems much less of a criteria than are the chronological and apparent ages of those using our dietary supplement.  This may be the case for all resveratrol supplements.  Thus we formulated our product using “Ideal Cel-Sorption™” technology, and also using some of the purest and finest ingredients available anywhere.  In comparing our “Ideal Cel-Sorption™” product with different resveratrol formulations on the market, most people preferred our product because it gives them the results they were anticipating, without unwanted ones.

Our “ideal” recommended serving sizes are for most adults at the chronological ages as listed on the label.  Someone who feels like consuming less per day may prefer the results better on their individual basis.  Those who are vegetarians, and especially vegans, and/or consuming a lot of antioxidants,  and those whose apparent age is particularly young, regardless of chronological age, may prefer less servings.  This is also of lower financial cost in product use since less will be consumed within a period of time.  One of the advantages of our “Ideal Resveratrol” is the ability for many people to easily change its serving size.  Also, some people prefer to consume less for only one or two days per week.

Based on users’ experiences and feedback, it is our opinion that taking resveratrol simultaneously with a very significant serving size of rose hips, especially our “Anti-Ox20™”, is quite desirable.  Also, we have determined that attempting to add plain rose hips in the correct amount, with its “fluffy” nature and sheer bulk in relative size, would require taking many capsules of it in addition to the capsules of resveratrol, for each daily use!  We also think that our “Anti-Ox20™” Rose Hips, with its highly concentrated and special nature, is likely to be better overall.

Our Anti-Ox20 originates from a very special source of rose hips, Rosa Canina, which in itself is as much as 12 times stronger in many of its beneficial qualities than other much more common rose hips.  Then this originating source becomes specially and carefully prepared into Anti-Ox20.  This keeps its many wonderful qualities and increases most of these some twenty times!

From what has been reported to us, it appears to be possible that the amount someone takes of resveratrol and of rose hips is less important than the actual amount that is absorbed.  We have learned that the absorption of this amount is likely to take place on a cellular and molecular level.  From what those people using a strength of resveratrol standardized at below concentrated 50% have told us, it seems as though these lower strengths are generally much less desirable in meeting people’s expectations.

Maybe surprisingly, again from people’s feedback, using formulas containing only very high concentrations of standardized concentrated resveratrol, such as all 98%, may be counterproductive because these seem to not create desired results and sometimes produce unwanted ones.  Thus the standardized percentages and overall amounts of resveratrol seem very important.  Contrary to some other resveratrol product recommendations, we recommend our “Ideal Resveratrol” for adults only, 25 years of age and older.

We strongly suggest that only a proven certificate of authenticity stating the exact standardized percentage of concentrated resveratrol, i.e., 1.00% to 98.00%, be used to determine the strength of the resveratrol in a dietary supplement.  Please be aware that it would take many thousands of times more red grapes or knotweed plant equivalent, by their measured weight, to equal the amount of just 50% concentrate standardized resveratrol in one 750 mg. capsule.  Some companies are offering resveratrol as “10x” or more without giving any standardized percentages of their resveratrol.  This means that the real amount of resveratrol is unknown to the consumer.  For example, a product that is a “20x resveratrol” but only actually uses a 1% standardized concentrate to begin with might end up being something like just a 20%, or so, standardized resveratrol.  Then if they give only 100 mg. per capsule of their “20x Resveratrol” and provide no standardized amounts, they are supplying only a small fraction of the amount of standardized resveratrol that is found in one of our capsules!  Each of our capsules contains 500 mg. of 50% and 98% pure resveratrol concentrate combined in “ideal” amounts and 250 mg. “Anti-Ox20™” Rose Hip Extract.

Finally, value—especially in today’s economy—is very important to many people, and to us as well.  We think that Forever Young Products’ “Ideal Resveratrol” is the best value of its kind available anywhere.  Besides using it ourselves and recommending it to family and friends, we and many others believe it has, by far, the lowest relative cost for the greatest benefit of any resveratrol product available. One might pay a lot less, but get virtually no benefit.  That is poor value.  Also, beware of some products that cost more but have been reported to be ineffective. Our price is very closely related to our cost, and we believe Forever Young Products’ “Ideal Cel-Sorption™ Resveratrol” provides the best expected benefits for the lowest cost—which is real value.

The statements made herein have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, prevent, or cure any disease. Contains no sugar, salt, yeast, wheat, gluten, soy, milk, egg, fish, shellfish, tree nuts, peanuts, preservatives or alcohol. Vegetarian/Vegan Product.


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